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Welcome to MyBudget123.com

Finally, budgeting is as EASY as 1 - 2 - 3

MyBudget123 is a financial tool that helps you to know your available usable cash
on a day-to-day basis, pay bills on time, test out new bills to forecast future expenses,
build reserve funds for inevitable rainy-day expenses

Whether you're 18 or 98, have 1 or 101 expenses
MyBudget123 can help you to find all the money you need!

Features Defined
  • Average Minimum is the baseline, or least, amount of funds needed to cover the entered expenses.
  • Usable Cash is the available leftover funds, after all entered expenses are accounted for.
  • Reserve Funds accumulates incrementally, for those ‘rainy-day’ inevitable expenses.
  • Test New Bill to view the additional funds needed before purchasing a new ongoing expense.
  • Ways to Save is the amount of possible savings, broken down to a per month basis.
  • One-Time Outgoing place holds any pending expense (current or future) from your Usable Cash.
  • One-Time Incoming allows you to enter a future date in which you plan on depositing any new funds, other than ongoing income.
How it works
Step 1 - Enter Bills
Step 2 - Enter Income
Step 3 - Click View Budget

is user friendly and totally flexible. We do all the calculating for you, taking the guessing game out of your finances. Once you visualize the potential of your future financial life, it will be your lightbulb moment, your future will be clear, which puts YOU in control.


Everyone is given a 3 months FREE trial period, upon registration.
At the end of 3 months the introductory subscription cost is $5.00 USD per month.
(SAVE 25% by opting for the annual subscription fee of $45 USD)
The fees are for technical support & allows us to host the site AD FREE.
Upon your first visit after the 3 months trial, you will be asked to enter a payment option,
if you wish to continue to maintain access to your budget and all the
awesome features MyBudget123.com has to offer.
There is no obligation and you may cancel at any time.
We are confident that you will see the value in using this site,
and won’t want to live without it!

Cancellation/Refund Policy
Earn FREE Months!!

Referring friends earns you ONE FREE MONTH each, when your
friend purchases at least one month of subscription to MyBudget123.com.
Once your friends first payment is received,
your next months subscription fee is on us.
NO LIMIT - REFER 12 friends = 1 year of FREE service!
If you’ve opted for the annual subscription, then for each paid friend you refer,
your annual renewal is pushed off by one month.


“I love MyBudget123 because it helps me know where we stand financially, EVERYDAY!”

Marie Morgan - Arizona

“I was terrible at keeping track of my expenses and budgeting. My account would go negative often enough for my bank to be unapologetic about charging me overdraft fees. It got so bad that I would be on my last five dollars and not paid again for another week. I lived at my parents house and borrowed money often, because I didn't have enough for gas to get to work. When I say I was terrible, I mean I had no idea how to save or manage my money.

This is when I knew I needed some serious help. I needed something to show me how much I needed to pay my bills and when money was leaving my account IN THE SAME PLACE! Being skeptical about money managing websites, MyBudget123 seemed the most promising.

Fast forward to today after using MyBudget123 for several months, I was able to move out of my parents house, buy a new car, and keep on top of my monthly expenses with ease!!! Not only that, I can see how much extra money I have 5 YEARS from now! I set aside the SAME amount every paycheck to my "bill account" so I don't have to think about it. What ever money is left over, is meant for my other stuff like gas and food.

This is a hands-on budgeting site, so every time a bill is paid, I delete it and update my bank balance DAILY! This assures that I stay ON TOP OF IT!!!

Thanks to MyBudget123, my financial life so much easier!”

Tate Arnsten - California

“I've used MyBudget123 since 2011. It has helped to manage both mine and my boyfriend's finances. It's a great way to plan for our future.

It's nice to be able to see if I adjust the numbers, how everything fluctuates. My boyfriend was having a difficult time paying his bills. He always planned to pay them on the due date, but come to realize he didn't have enough money. With MyBudget123, we have both been able to get current on bills, pay off credit cards and student loans and we are now working towards the goal of purchasing our first home. I don't know how I would live without it! Selena and her budgeting program have been a wonderful blessing in our lives!”

Amanda Sutton - Nevada